Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sushil Modi sounds funny attacking Nitish Kumar….

Sushil Modi, ex Deputy CM of Bihar and seniormost BJP leader in Bihar, attacked CM Nitish Kumar for the Bodhgaya terrorist attacks. But had the blasts taken place just a couple of months back, Sushil Modi would almost surely have sung a different tune!

As reported in TOI, Sushil Modi (imagine the plight of the man. He cannot even be referred to simply by his surname!) has blamed Nitish Kumar for the security lapses “the explosions had occurred despite the state having received leads and alerts from the IB and NIA nine months ago.” And “The CM should take responsibility both for failing to prevent the serial blasts and general security lapses”. Had the ghastly tragedy happened a month back, he would probably have said “We blame the center for having weakened the IB set-up” or some such thing! At that time, he would have forgotten how his party attacked the IB for being “accountable to no one”, and blocked the NCTC which was being put under the same IB.

And as soon as he realized that blaming his ex-partner alone was not enough, he quickly made amends: “In fact, we hold both the central and state governments responsible for it.” Aahaa….that’s now fitting the pattern!

But here’s what really got my goat. Sushil Modi apparently actually said this “The CCTV cameras were kept inside the temple premises, not outside where the blasts took place”. Haha! So it’s a conspiracy as well. Nitish and the center intentionally placed the cameras at a place different from where the blasts would take place! Even the hair brained, not hurt so much by loss of power maybe, would know that it is only likely that the terrorists would act where the cameras were not there!

He then went on to add “The CM today said security of the temple premises should be handed over to CISF. But why was it not done in the past? The CM has to answer. Law and order and development are not on his priority list.” Aahaa….the conspiracy theory again! And makes me wonder what he really means by “the past”. Does he mean the 17 years when he was “chaddi yaars” with Nitish, or merely the 8 years when he co-ruled the state with him???? Oh no….he means the last one month after he broke off! In fact, Sushil Modi could have added “That’s why we broke off”….maybe he’s not as savvy as that other Modi! Or maybe he wants to reserve that statement for the “development” part which the other Modi also likes to talk about. The one that earned him the #feku tag!

But Sushil Modi must worry. His conspiracy theory was hijacked by that other sulking petrel from the East, Mamata. “Is it a game plan, before LS election, to disturb states, regional parties and also to plan to murder some political leaders, so that nobody can raise the voice of people in future? ... Or is it a blame game to avoid responsibility and to finish regional political parties who are not dependent on UPA?”. Haha, the only political leaders murdered recently were those of the Congress, but minor details are not the major strength of Mamata’s! And as if this public expose of ignorance were not enough, here’s more from her “Today it has happened in Bihar. Which one is the target for tomorrow — West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh or Odisha?”. Someone please remind her AP is still Congress ruled!

Forget Mamata Banerjee. Even Ravi Shankar Prasad forgot (or preferred to forget) what the issues were when he said (as carried in ET) “We were told that there were repeated intelligence briefs including those involved in the German Bakery case. The media is repeating that they (the perpetrators in the bakery case) had done recce of the temple at Bodh Gaya,” he alleged . “There were warnings but no precaution was taken. Law and order is a state subject but it is a lapse in which the state and the Government of India will have to share responsibility and accountability”. They call Prasad the Chief Spokesperson of the BJP I believe. But clearly he is only the biggest loudmouth. He didn’t even realize that those IB inputs were from the Center only! And of course law & order is a state subject. Isn’t that the argument he has been using to repeatedly scuttle the NCTC? If the NCTC had been there, maybe their sleuths would have prevented this attack? If anyone is responsible for this blast, it is his own party.

But continuing with Sushil Modi, his real angst came out soon enough. The real reason for the outburst. The real truth as it were “He is busy in ‘jod-tod’ (cobbling up support) to save the government”. Did you feel the pain? The deep wound that Nitish has caused him and his party? The betrayal of sorts? The assertion of independence? The desertion of a “friend”? Rather, the marooning of a friend? For Sushil Modi knows exactly where he and his party have been left by Nitish after he parted ways.

As if this was not enough, he went on to say “the state, after the JD(U)’s parting of ways with BJP, had become weak and dependent. The BJP will not tolerate it. Today, terrorists find Bihar a favourable place for them, because the state government is weak and dependent on others’ support,” Sushil Modi said. So again, the state became weak and dependent in a month’s time! Shouldn’t Sushil Modi actually be kicking himself in the back for having made the government depend on others’ support? Isn’t he then also responsible for the state becoming weak and dependent????

And lastly, re-asserting his backing for the other Modi, “Terror elements should not be glorified, as is being done by calling one (Ishrat Jahan) as the daughter of Bihar”. There! Said it and earned Narendrabhai’s assurance of a berth in the central government if the chance comes! Better to be on the right side of this “rising star” (remember this is what the BJP complained when Ishrat Jahaan chargesheet was filed by the CBI – that the Congress was targeting the rising stars of the BJP!). Besides, Sushil Modi surely knows what happens when someone goes on the wrong side of Narendra Modii! Ask Haren Pandya’s family that.

The real truth is that politicians suffer from acute diahrrhea most of the time. They simply cannot hold their words back. And in most cases, they make a fool of themselves. As Sushil Modi, the one I used to generally consider a good man for his selfless work on the GST, did with his comments yesterday….

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