Friday, July 8, 2011

BJP and Prashant Bhushan mount united charge on Kapil Sibal....

If ever there was proof required that the so called “civil society” was working in cahoots with the BJP, it is there for everyone to see now. As soon as Prashant Bhushan filed a PIL against Kapil Sibal’s decision on fixing the tariff for Reliance Communications, the BJP spokespeople jumped on to criticizing the Congress. No other political party has even had the time to study the PIL – leave alone criticize Kapil Sibal – but the BJP has been at the forefront already. It appears they had an idea of what the PIL stated even before it was filed.

This reminds me of “The Almighty”, a book written by Irwing Wallace, which talks about the scion of a media moghul who has to inherit his father’s media business. But the father is a tough taskmaster. He’s set a condition for his son to fulfill before he can inherit his father’s business. For one day.....just one day.....he has to make his New York newspaper (which is usually the #2 newspaper in NY) the number 1 newspaper in the city. This obviously proves to be a damn difficult target to achieve. So, the son hits upon the strategy of “making news”.....plots to have the Pope a time of the night when no other newspaper (except his) can print the information in the morning papers.....and goes on to satisfy the condition. While the story relates to the powers of media and the scams within, the story that is being played out in India is more devious. The main opposition party is “making the news”, “using the civil society” and “stealing the thunder”. Its partner in crime here is obviously civil society. Together, they are plotting strategies to bring the ruling coalition down.....

The main opposition party is being smart. By signing up civil society onto its side, it has tapped into the goodwill that this “institution” enjoys in the minds of common people. In a climate where government bashing is welcomed openly, whatever is said by this august group is taken as the gospel truth. And then, every now and then, the “spin” that is given by media is used to accentuate the implications of the strategy.

Take the recent PIL filed by Prashant Bhushan against Kapil Sibal. The allegation is that Reliance Comm should have been fined Rs 650 crores whereas Kapil Sibal used his “discretionary” powers to reduce that fine to Rs 5 crores or so. One would expect in a PIL to be served some form of “evidence” to back the allegation. Apparently, the proof provided is wafer thin. It’s a charge....that has very little substance to back it.

Forget the substance. The intention of this PIL appears not to be to “win”; but to cause damage to Kapil Sibal and the government. It’s a political move. At a time when Kapil Sibal has taken a hard line against civil society’s draft of the Lokpal Bill, what better way to push him back that to accuse him personally of wrong doing? A defensive minister would be bound to tone down his stand. Since the court will take months, if not years, to settle the PIL, the battle in real earnest will be fought in media. That’s where instant hearings are conducted and verdicts pronounced almost every single day. Kapil Sibal has no chance at all. In the media, and in the reader’s minds, he’s already been pronounced guilty. No matter what he will offer as explanation, it will all be discounted by the cynical people of the country. That’s the real intention of the PIL. Not to come to the truth, but to politically slay an opponent.

Kapil Sibal has given some explanation, which the press has reported. But like I mentioned the truth hardly matters to a country ceased as it is in political whodunits like never seen before. Apparently, the figure of Rs 650 crores is just someone’s imagination. The fee suggested by the appropriate authority was some Rs 13 crores, but since RComm had corrected the wrongs, the penalty was to be calculated using a different provision. That number was Rs 5 crores. So apparently, there was no misuse of discretionary powers.

Frankly, how this qualifies to be a PIL is difficult to understand. Simply because it is a decision taken by a minister? By that logic, all decisions taken by the minister should be challenged in the form of PILs. Because PILs are being misused, even the SC is getting upset with them. There is already a plan to modify the terms under wich PILs can be filed. In the past, some courts have even penalized those who have filed frivolous PILs and wasted the court’s time. In this case, it is clear that this is a political battle between the BJP and the Congress and Prashant Bhushan is merely a go-between for the BJP to exploit. There is no way that this complaint can be called a PIL at all.

Prashant Bhushan is taking advantage of the credibility and reputation that Anna Hazare enjoys in public minds today. Like Ramdev tried to do. Ramdev proved to be a joker and was thrown off the center stage (quite literally!). It’s a question of time before Prashant Bhushan enjoys the same fate. Given the charge against Anna himself that he is a BJP stooge (he has never criticized the BJP in the last so many months as if it were devoid of corruption....never criticized Karnataka.....praised Narendra Modi....its apparent really), Prashant Bhushan’s recent PIL is seen obviously as a political maneuver. This kind of political activity takes the focus away from the fight against corruption. Just like Ramdev weakened the anti-corruption movement, so also are such frivolous political shenanigans of Prashant Bhushan harming the movement.

The real truth is that the country is suffering enormously because of the overdose of politics in our lives. While China marches ahead with big ticket investments, we are stuck in a stage of deep freeze. Every other day, the BJP demand the resignation of some or the other minister. They have been demanding the PM’s resignation for long now. Then they started demanding Chidambaram’s resignation. And now they will demand Kapil Sibal’s resignation. It’s a pure political game plan with no bother on the implications on the country. By using civil society to do its bidding, the BJP is corrupting even this supposedly apolitical concept. It’s time the BJP introspects.....


  1. comments about baba Ramdev and civil society members are not appropriate.
    Regarding joint pressure of BJP and Prashant Bhushan, it is mandatory that people should come together for national interest...
    There should be division of thoughts, yet union for cause....
    Many many people think... opinions are ought to come different...Not every person can live without self respect of his own like members of congress, who cnt think beyond what Gandhi family decides.

  2. prashant bhushan was appointed as amicus in the gujarat riots cases. gujarat govt protested so much, showed his articles against hindutva and bjp, rss...that bhushan had to recuse himself from the case. this happened towards d end of last year. if bjp jumps on a serious allegation against sibal, bhushan can't stop them.

  3. hey dude..i dont think Prashanth Bhushan is going to be a "joker" like Ramdev Baba. Prashanth Bhushan has selflessly fought many cases against corruption and there are many testimonials proving this..and regarding this PIL..i dont think it's to do anything to settle the so called personal scores..there is definitely some foul-play and Prashanth Bhushan is trying to show the people how corrupt our so called "elected" Representatives are. Its a high time that Kapil Sibal should resign after he made a fool of himself in front of the whole country by saying 2G scam as a mere number-game played by the opposition.

  4. It is high time that Kapil Sibal is kicked out of the Union Cabinet for all the corruption games played by him at the instance of Sonia Gandhi, the latest being the favor extended to Anil Ambani by reducing the penalty from Rs 650 crores to 5 crores. These Congressman at the center are looting the country's precious coffers like hell as if India is their ancestral property. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that the Italian bartender Antonia Maino alias Sonia Gandhi is behind the scenes of all the drama. And people like Kapil Sibal who is to Antonia Maino just as was JOSEPH GOEBBELS to Adolf Hitler during the Nazi reign of terror, should be tried not in a court but in public. JOSEPH GOEBBELS was the German Minister of Propaganda and Hate during the time of Adolf Hitler. The ways, words and actions of Kapil Sibal remind us of this notorious character. With the UPA (UNITED PLUNDERING ALLIANCE) ruling the center India's future looks very bleak indeed!!!!

  5. @ Sasi Nambiar.....whoa! you are truly against the Congress and that's your entitlement! But you should read more about the 5crores/650crores argument and you'll realize its not true. That's why the BJP has now backed off.....the rest of what you write is pure emotions....

  6. You forgot BJP is principal opposition party which have every right to critise the Government as soon as they receive any adverse information against Govt. from whatever channel be it media/court judgements/PIL etc. Also BJP is representation of NDA(including all small opposition parties) your logic seems to have no ground.

    Anyone who oppose Govt.UPA doesnt mean they are all allign with RSS,Hindu Brigade,BJP,Ramdev etc.

  7. We need our youth and youngsters to rough all the anti-nationals who migrated india for bread and butter to claim indian regions as theirs by religious breeding.

    What Verma did, had been done from long before, we wouldn't have lost Pakistan and Bangladesh.

    We need to terminate these rats who dare to question Kashmir. Kashmir is our intimate and internal part of Indian Union of States.

    Beware of Pundits in Kashmir. There are Pseudo Pundits on name of Hindu and Muslims who just use the sentiments for political exploitation.

    Prashant Bhushan ka pungi bahut acha bajee...