Friday, June 17, 2011

A short post from Paris.....

Just two small points to repeat really:

1) Make a law to ban hunger strikes which threaten the democratic process of law making or any such thing. No matter how good or relevant the cause, hunger strikes till death cannot be permitted. Of course, hunger strikes for a short period of time to protest should be allowed.
2) Government should enact a strong law of its own. And then move on to the several other problems facing the country. I read the Wall Street Journal - Europe edition today and there is not a single mention of India in the entire paper. We need to focus a lot more of "work" rather than on distractions like the most recent ones.

More on this later.


  1. Remember what Rajiv Gandhi once said! For every rupee allocated and spent by the Govt, only 20 paise reach the desired destination. Rest 80 paise is loss in transit.

    For an imperfect country like ours, no movement against corruption can be termed "distraction". And this is a real-truth.

  2. Why, pray, should we be bothered about India featuring or not featuring in WSJ?