Thursday, April 7, 2011

Anna Hazare’s hunger strike now looking like pure blackmail

I was a little restrained yesterday in my post; in fact I was a little confused. Today, I am clear in my mind. Anna Hazare, by continuing his fast even after he has managed to draw the attention of all concerned, is resorting to blackmail. Far from being a Gandhian, he now runs the risk of being labeled a road-side bully whose objective appears to be to create trouble. Suddenly.....his style is starting to look a little dictatorial.

Consider the following:

  1. The PM and Sonia Gandhi have both agreed to include Anna Hazare in the dialogue on the bill. In fact, the PM has agreed to have 50% representation of civil society in the committee that will re-draft the bill. What more does he expect? That the government must agree to the Jan Lok Pal bill as proposed.....with all its flaws....without a debate? Many people have commented that the proposed bill has many flaws. Should it be passed in its current form in spite of these flaws?
  2. If the government surrenders to this blackmail, what will stop another bunch of people from adopting similar steps to achieve their own goals? How about a bunch of environmentalists going on a hunger strike demanding stronger pollution control rules? Someone else going on a hunger strike demanding a uniform civil code. These are all worthy causes (and none of them are self-serving).......but is this the way we want to run our country?
  3. If Anna Hazare is indeed a Gandhian, then why does he not believe in democratic processes? Why can’t he struggle like so many others struggle in making his point? Why can’t he limit himself to peaceful morchas as so many others social reformers do? There are indeed several drawbacks of democracy.... a painfully-slow parliamentary process being one of them.....but why can’t he understand that democracy is still the best form of governance?

The reality is that Anna Hazare’s conduct since yesterday has been extremely aggressive and very different from what he is known for. In his early days, he worked silently with the villagers of Ralegaon Siddhi in correcting the many wrongs in society. He explained to people the need for small family sizes and encouraged people to undergo sterilization operations. He cajoled people into giving up drinking and smoking. He fought against antiquated and orthodox social mores. He helped raise awareness and resources for water harvesting and land improvement. He made Ralegaon Siddhi one of the most prosperous villages in the country. All this by following the democratic process. He led by inspiration; not by force. This time, he appears to be leading by force.

With all due respect, what’s different between Anna Hazare’s style and Gaddafi’s? Both force others in one way or the other. If they don’t follow their wishes, they terrorize them. Let’s not forget that even Gaddafi came to power on the back of a Libyan socialist revolution against King Idris’s rule. In fact, he called himself “The Brother Leader” in the early days. Let’s not forget that this is the way dictators are often born. It’s not their early life that make them’s what they do later that make them so. Anna Hazare has likewise earned tremendous public goodwill from his Ralegaon Siddhi days......but his actions now will determine whether he is remembered as a Gandhian or as a dictator.

When I discussed these views of mine with many people yesterday, I was surprised by the resonance I got. Everyone has sympathy for Anna Hazare; but most felt that he was overplaying his hand. Most felt that it was because it was Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi at the helm of affairs, that he was getting so much of the government’s attention. Isn’t it remarkable really? Time and again, these two have shown which side of the fight they are on. In the past, it was Sonia Gandhi who suggested that discretionary powers of Chief Ministers be curtailed. It was her National Advisory Committee (NAC) that suggested the Food Security Act. It was this government that passed the Right to Education Act. It is this government.....that after an initial misstep..... is allowing the CBI, the Enforcement Directorate and all the other bodies to have a free hand in the investigations in the 2G matter. It’s after a long time we are having a responsive government. Let’s not question their credentials please.

Let’s also remember that there are always divergent points of views in a democracy. For eg., today’s paper has a story of Jairam Ramesh objecting to the Maharashtra CM’s decision to reduce spends on the renovation of Bombay Zoo and the attached 150-year-old botanical gardens from Rs 450 crores to Rs 150 crores. It’s the CM’s view that the money is better spent on the poor people. Jairam Ramesh feels that the botanical garden needs to be matter what the cost. Someone feels that India should not go for nuclear power plants. Some others feel it should. These are different points of views and they should not be smothered. Anna Hazare must understand that a different point of view exists from his. That more laws are not needed; better people are; that even a new Lokpal law could be ineffective if the people who implement it are the same as the ones who implement other existing laws. He has to consider these alternate points of view. Ultimately, even he must subject himself to Parliament in a democracy.....

Anna Hazare has already succeeded in drawing attention to his cause. He should now participate in the drafting of a good bill. If there are parts of his bill that are wrong, he should must make the corrections. Even if he is overruled on some points, he has to appreciate that Parliament is supreme in law making. If people don’t like the government, they will get a chance to vote it out in another 3 years or so. If his objective is to make things better, then he should be a participant, not a sulking aggressor like he is being right now.

The real truth is that Anna Hazare has lost direction. He’s over reached. He’s crossed over from being a Gandhian to being a bully. He must stop and consider what he stands for today. Will his approach lead to the eventual result that he so passionately feels for? Or will it weaken the very democratic institutions that allow him the right to agitate like this in the first place?


  1. you want to "Anna Hazare Keep Quiet", that's only motto I can see here. Either you are paid, or you donot understand what public needs. Public needs change, and WHO THE HELL IN THIS WORLD WILL TRUST YOUR MANMOHAN & SONIA FOR THEIR WORDS. THEY ARE SIMPLY MOTHER FU**ERS.

  2. Hi Prashant - I am always appreciative of your blogs - however in this particular case, you have made some wrong assumptions.

    Firstly - the comparison between Gadaffi & Hazare is wrong. Kindly do a basic research on both of them. I would appreciate it, if you could rectify this mistake and bring it out in the next blog.

    Secondly, Please trust the majority of the Indian population. If Anna Hazare's movement is gaining popular support - there has to be a logic to it. After all the public can't wait till the next elections to indicate its choices. These things are what that makes democracy functional and the political establishment sane.

    Like you, I am also a great fan of Indian Economy and really proud of the good things that are happening. However,even if the government does a 'few rights' it can not be allowed to get away with 'the wrongs'. It has to be constantly reminded about the needs of the 'Aam janta'. Too bad, that in a young country like India - a 71 year old man is doing it.

    Thirdly, He is doing what a good salesman must always do - CLOSE THE DEAL. In politics - a promise is not a promise. It is just a negotiation tool - a delaying tactics .Also his tactic is not blackmail - it is closing the deal, without bloodshed. Remember, the British govt. feared Gandhi as well.

  3. Some of what you say makes sense but not all. I think there are some factual errors in your blog. Some of things that may be wirth thinking and doing some more research are as follows:

    1. The LokPal Bill is pending since 1972....What further debate are we looking for? Yes, everything has its flaws but till you put it in practise, flaws will never be rectified;

    2. The issue now is who will chair the committee? How can the Government want to chair the same. Its time for the civil society to also have its say;

    3. Comparison to Gaddafi is completely wrong as the facts are different;

    4. Government did not allow CBI and ED to investigate the 2G scam but the Supreme Court taking a stand forced the government to do so;

    5. Lastly, the elections might happen in 3 years and you can vote for the next government but its also a question of choices....what choices to we get to vote for?

  4. I agree with you Prashant......Anna Hazare wants media mileage and nothing else,so he has resorted to these gimmicks......v had a person called Mahatma Gandhi,who did not resort to such cheap publicity,after all he had a mission.

  5. @ anonymous: At the outset, let me tell you that I totally totally appreciate your comments. I am totally comfortable with your views.

    My limited complaint is with the methods adopted. If the civilian authority chairs the law making body, I feel we are weakening the Parliamentary system of democracy itself. That would be disastrous for us. In correcting one problem, we cannot create many other problems.

    I strongly feel threats are bad. I don't think bullies should win. I agree the govt has been unresponsive in the past; but I disagree that the current govt has not been responsive. In fact, its fashionable to criticize the government of the day; I think we undervalue the role they play. Please dont be so critical. And this is not a Cong-BJP thing. There are good govts in Chhatisgarh, Bihar and Orissa also. We cannot cannot reduce the role of the elected representatives.

    And you do know that people elected this govt back to power 2 years back. Its possible that the people who are surrounding AH right now are not representative of the mood of the nation? I heard of a cabbie yday who now earns 18K a month in Delhi and sends money home. He is more concerned with that; maybe this AH movement is an urban middle-class phenomenon. Maybe this govt will get elected again?

    All I am saying is that diversity of viewpoints is an important part of democracy. When someone does a hunger strike, that goes out.

    I do however support AH's cause. I am with him on this; but not on the method.

    And to repeat, I truly appreciate your point of view on this as well. Thx!

  6. With all due respect, u should have done your research right before comparing Anna with Gaddafi?

    Mr. Anna Hazare as the nation knows has denied to become the committee Chairman. So grabbing power in the name of revolution doesnt even come to picture...

  7. @Prashant - Talking about the method. 'Right to Protest' is the only tool that the civil society has to make its point in front of the govt. All democracies are proud of it. In fact, the Western countries are following it up to the T. Take 2 examples of 2011 protest. 1st of the students & teachers of UK against the fee hike. Do you know it is still on? 2nd in Germany - there is a city called Stuttgart. People are protesting for more 'TRANSPARENCY ' regarding costs and other things. Though the mediation is on(which is live on TV & internet for the aam janta) - the protests are still on. People dutifully join the protesters on Sat & Sun to tell the govt. that i should act fast & be more transparent about costs. Govt. dubs this whole thing as a 'democratic experiment'.

    I took the examples of these 2 cases while not talking any of the things happening in the Middle East just to point that - public can & will protest when ever there is a need for it.

    Protests does not mean that the govt. is not doing its job. It only means that people are aware & want more to happen & fast. Bigger the protest - more popular the demand.

    2ndly - We should be worried is AH starts killing govt. officials to get his voice heard (like your beloved Mr. Gaddafi started killing his own people) or the govt. begins to kidnap protesters (something that is happening in China or Thiland). If his method is peaceful - i think he deserves respect.

    3rd - We elect our govt. on broad parameters like - Economic development, Security, Infrastructure, Education, Health etc. During that time like our beloved Delhi Taxiwalla - We should also be concerned about our 'Kaccha Pani'. I will compare - who did a better job and then vote.

    For other things I will protest. That Sir, is beauty of democracy. I will not wait 5 years to tell the govt. that you did not implement the bill 'X' years ago.

    Also, having citizens on the panel is to have transparency. Even the govt. needs experts of advice them. We all know the good work that Nandan Nilekani & Montek Singh is doing.

    Finally and the most important thing. Your comparison about Mr. Hazare & Mr. Gaddafi is not an apple to apple comparison. Its not a reflection of an educated person(especially of your stature). It does not reflect the research that should go behind this 'The Real Truth Blog'. It is a small talk that a politician does to gain popularity. Please do something to resist the temptation of such small talk.

  8. Come on man... R u from congress....????? or any of your relative, brother or Sister involve in 2G scam or CWG scame????? Govt. is not taking sufficient actions because their people are in fault. If Mr. Hajare does not blackmail then this shameless Govt do not bother to look at the issue... There is one saying in Hindi "Agar Ghee Sidhi Ungli se na nikle to Ungli tedhi Karni padti hain...." I feel Mr. Hajare is doing the right thing…

  9. Prashant, Anna Hazare is the voice of common man today. What he is voicing is the inner frustration of Indians, who at some point of time or the other have gone thru the hell or been a part of the hell. I have a very dear friend, who cleared his exams and got a fantastic job in Income tax department, but could not survive for 1 years also. Reason, his peers/juniors/seniors would not allow him to work cleanly. His heart never allowed him, hence he resigned from this lucrative job and got something which was much below his competency level. Am sure that is not one off case, there would be many more. To bring a revolutionary change (which is the need of the hour), at times you need to adopt a practice, which may not be your natural style. I would say, still given the anger in Indians, its a very very modest way of protesting. As far as not accepting the initial offer of government, the only fear is that once it is given sometime, it will go in cold storage in sometime. 40 years is a good time for any government to act on it. am sure more than 90% politicians, 60-70% civil services people, etc will do their best to ensure that this doesn't sail thru. Thats the challenge. Time for all of us, who feel that we are clear in our hearts and deeds to get up and support this voice and ensure that it reaches a logical conclusion which will make our country a better place to live in. On the other hand, only this bill is not going to help, till all of us ensure that we dont get into such practices in our life.

  10. @anonymous: Both the examples you gave actually prove my point. In both examples, there are "protests" going on. I am very ok with that. There is no self demolition, no hunger strike. These methods are undemocratic. Protests are democratic.

    Gaddafi was also a much loved leader in the initial years. But absolute power corrupts absolutely. That's why keeping the Lokpal above all other instituions is bad. That's why the Constitution provides for 3 equally important legs.....judiciary, executive and legislature.

    I will ignore personal remarks made!

  11. @ I have said, I have no issues with AH's cause. I support it. I have major problems with hunger strike as a tool of protest. It amounts to a threat and a bullying attitude.

    And please don't think that corruption is only amongst politicians. Corruption exists all thru society. An omnipresent Lokpal with no regulatory limits will become a demon who could harass ordinary citizens as well. Let's not swing like a yoyo....Let's be smart about what to put in the bill. That's all.

  12. @ prashant...I am sorry to say that if u talk about being smart you sound completely immature to me....we expect corruption to stop but u itself as a citizen, talk about being cautious as to wat we put in the bill...I just hope there are not enough ppl who think this way....And I m sorry to say this article is a disappointment..

  13. U should read this:

  14. Very interesting Anonymous.....I do hope it is true. If its true, then India will change forever. Somehow I doubt if it will happen that way very soon. People will find excuses to justify their own corruption. But its always good to be an optimist!

  15. Pandayji,
    I just cannot stop laughing at your understanding of the issue, either you have never had any orientation to democracy or you have intentionally ignored it. What Anna Hazare is doing, is fight for what he believes in.In the process of it all you mean Gandhi and Gadaffi come from the same school of thought? And that we should wait millions of years because we will be perceived as blackmailers if we seek for a better society to live in ?

  16. I will not support Anna Hazare! I support anti corruption campaigns but not this way. This is blackmail and India is a democracy! This is not China!

  17. I request all concerned to abjure violence in form of personal attack.
    Let me take up the major points that Prashant has raised in his article.
    Anna Hazare (AH) is asking for too much: I feel we need to look at the current situation in order to evaluate whether his demand is too much or not.
    In last one year the following major corruptions have been unearthed:
    1. 2G Spectrum Scam: Monetary Involvement (MI) Rs 30,000 Cr to 1.7 Lakh Cr. Alleged Perpetrators(AP) are Union Minister, bureaucrats, corporate honchos.
    2. CWG Scam: MI Rs 70,000 Cr. AP are Senior MP, Union and State Ministers, bureaucrats
    3. Adarsh Society Scam: MI Again running in several crores, AP are Top Brass of Indian Military, Union and State Ministers, bureaucrats
    4. Karnataka Land Scam: MI running in several crores, AP are CM, State Ministers, bureaucrats
    5. Ex CJI is under scanner and CVC is removed
    Inference: Corruption is everywhere and the magnitude is overwhelming. There is no fear of punishment.
    Vis-à-vis this situation we have a bill pending with our Parliament which is 42 years old and which every body knows is quite tough on corruption. Yes, in its current form it has certain flaws. The coterie of bad politicians, irrespective of the party line, would never allow the bill to see the light of the day. It would rest in peace for ever.
    AH has hit at this unholy alliance between the powerful, self-centric and autocratic individuals. AH wants to give the nation one of the required medicine which can prevent and kill the disease named corruption. Now to create this medicine you need neutral individuals to balance the presence of the parties who would get affected by the forthcoming medicine. He has not asked for a 76:24 split or even a 51:49 split favouring the neutrals. He asked for a 50:50 representation. Is this too much? The majority says “No, this is just”.
    Creating precedence: Firstly let us ignore the fact that this is not the first Hunger Strike the nation has seen. Let us presume that this is for the first time a fellow Indian has resorted to do Fast-till-Death. His demand is formation of a Committee with equal representation of Civil Group and Central Ministers wherein the Chairman would be a Civil Group member and which would make sure that adequate law is made which every perpetrator of corruption would dare and which has to be completed within a specified time frame.
    By making sure that the Govt of India agree to most of his demand do we think that a precedence is set whereby now on anyone and everyone would resort to similar tactic in order to get his job done? The answer to the question is a big YES. If history repeats itself where there is hope nowhere, if the established constitutional institutions fail time and again to deliver the good, if the powerful thinks that the false becomes true only because they think and act so, then Mother India’s womb would produce AH time and time again. And then, my dear friend, the young AH would draw his strength from the old (and probably deceased by then) AH and resort to Fast-till-Death again.
    Is AH blackmailing the government: The answer is NO. We all and most importantly the Government knew all the way that there is no threat to his life. So we all knew it was Fast-till-Lokpal and not Fast-till-Death. He resorted to an extraordinary tool in order to meet an extraordinary goal. He has strengthened the hands of Manmohan Singh, our great and yet poor PM who had to gulp the bitter corruption pills one after another.
    Is AH an autocrat and a threat to our democracy: Anna unleashes the Autocratic Power of Democracy over the Autocrats who wear the veil of Democracy. Anna reminds us the true meaning of Democracy when we tend to forget the meaning of the same.
    Our great PM is one lucky fellow. The recent uproar would only strengthen him. He has now with him a weapon called Anna Hazare (along with majority of our fellow countrymen) and the crooked politicians would think thrice before challanging the rightful acts of our PM which would follow in the coming days.

  18. write very well indeed!

    1) Its not about any one politician. Its not about Congress or BJP. It's about the form of government we want. Do we want a Parliamentary form of government or not?
    2) You talk about the majority saying "its just"....what majority are you talking about? The 50,000 or 1 lac people across the metros? The "likes" on facebook? The twitterati? Get real! The majority exists in a place where the "armchair experts" never even go. The urban middle-class don't even vote....the rural people do. They are the majority.
    3) Do read the papers today....Tavleen Singh in I.Express, Swapan Dasgupta in TOI today, Karan Bedi (Not Kiran Bedi!) in TOI ysday etc....slowly, people are realizing that the method was wrong.

    In any case, lets have appreciation for each other's point of view without getting personal! I do appreciate your views by the way

  19. I think one should appreciate a bold step taken by a common man against the growing corruption in the society. We all have to take a bold step like this against the growing cancer of corruption in our surrounding.

  20. Awesome...Great job done Prashant...

    Its high time that media becomes responsible and covers a story from all sides..They need to stop making movies of the small issues and blow it out of proportion and mislead ppl...

    The youth needs to take informed decisions..The whole support for Hazare was merely a fad...Most of the people who found it fascinating to light candles and like FB pages do not understand the powers and strengths of our democracy. Most of them do not understand the Lokpal bill either..

    It was sad to see campaigns such as 'mera neta chor hai' and 'giving 2500000 missed calls to a number to show support'.

  21. Mr. Prashant, if the people think Anna Hazare is being too dictitorial, then you wouldn't have seen such a mass uproar in the country with eminent people, who've achieved way more than what you've done in their lives supporting this cause. Things which we've seen this week was imminent; if it wasn't Anna Hazare, it would've been some XYZ from a narrow ally in a small town in India which would've stood out boldly against corruption. Suppose if the government were to use the same 'logic' which you've applied in your 'article', don't you think they would've waited couple of more weeks for Anna to pass out and waited another week or two for the issue to die down and continue with their job of looting the aam admi (sans you Mr. Prashant, a paid blogger by Congress the Corrupt)? But no they didn't because they knew he was the voice of millions suffering from this Cancer of corruption and scams.

  22. I agree with Prashant. The objective is pious,the method is sheer blackmail. What are AH's credentials to become part of a drafting committee, what to speak of a demand to make him a co-chairman? Does he have the competence or expertise to draft and go deep into various clauses of the proposed bill? Let this job be left to legal experts and knowledgeable persons. Let AH continue his crusade against corruption but leave the drafting committee and let somebody more knowledgeable take his place.
    Anand Mohan

  23. As an Anna follower I am Shocked!!

    There are so many shocking sinister facts about Anna Hazare in public news today; that it made him appear like an nice and innocent looking devil.

    Anna Hazare is another Hitler in making. His own village people are scared of his autocracy and atrocity. Laborers in his village are exploited and under paid. Daily wage of a man in his village is Rs 50, and woman gets Rs 30. A fascist, he organizes public beating to people in his village.

    I feel, for national interest, we should overlook these facts till Jan-Lok-Pal bill is drafted.

  24. I agree with Prashant

  25. Hi Prashant, very glad to see there R people like U in India are not like cattles blindly following the trend....Thnx for such a vigilant approach...

    I totally agree with U, whereas I am from Anna's Village Parner, Ahmednaar-Maharashtra (near to Ralegan Siddhi)..

    Whatever Bon don said is not wrong, we should ask anna to get elected from his constituency,
    if the whole nation supports him..he will definately win.
    But he himself admitted that he can't get support from there..

    Because people know him very well.

    Anna Hazarey is a Slow & sweet poison for our Nation..This is the exact way how Dictators are born.

    Some questions emerges in mind
    1) Do he believe in our Constitution, parliament?
    2) Who had elected this civil society? Do they represent the real india?
    3) Why he is afraid to face election?
    4) If he totally has unfaith in all Elected member, than whom does he want to govern India?..Elected representatives or selected (?) representatives..
    5) Why Anna shuts his mouth on , Satya Saibaba's,Baba Ramdev's & various temples Property?..
    6) Last but not least important what is Anna's Education? For us to follow him..

    Does he Understands the vast area or meaning of corruption...

    we had magnified the money corruption...

    But there are more forms of corruption which are more dangerous than that of one which Anna is Speaking,..And about which Anna is not...

    like SPIRITUAL CORRUPTION : The Baba's who are looting people with cheapest tricks like Satya sai, Swami nityanad, Swami Randeo etc...this is Mind Corruption

    CONSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION : UP's & Bihari's were beaten in Mumbai by MNS workers, it is an action against our constitution, which will break our nation into pieces...

    CASTEIST CORRUPTION : Corruption that Restricted a Dalit MP to enter in temple, cant dare to think of common people.. thousands of Murders, rapes, & injustice happening to Dalit in rural areas per state every year..

    YOUTH MIND CORRUPTION : when the whole world is fighting against terrorism, & trying to find ways to eradicate it.. In our own country Organisations like RSS, VHP, Bajrang dal's are accused in Bomb Blasts in Samzauta Express, Gadkari Rangaytan Theatre (Thane) Malegaon Bomb Blasts & several other violence...These organisations are consistently spreading Hatred in Mind's of Hindu Youth's & giving them Terrorists trainings..

    Whereas Anna's Symbol Resembles to that of RSS,

    After so many sacrifices, like Bhagat Singh, Netaji, Phule, Shahu, Ambedkar,...

    At any cost we have to keep our Nation united...

    Remember if we lose it now again to any dictator ,,, we would never, never, never gonna get it back....

    If we dont wanna make our India a Next Taaliban,
    At any cost we have to protect our nation, our democracy, thus its our prime duty to Protect Our constitution..

    Say no to anyone or anything above our constitution...

    Jai Bharat....

  26. totally agree with u prashant... if govt bends down in front of Anna today, it will become a fashion to blackmail govt by different ways. Corruption shud ho from our country. But Jan Lokpal Bill is nt the solution. Laws can nt make people honest. Its our duty to send good people to parliament. if Anna feels so much about country, why does he nt contest elections, win them n go to the parliamnet. Its very easy to comment from outside. He should become a part of the system to change the system. Govt agreed to have 50% committee members from civic society. Anna gave 5 names to represent the civic society. Who gave Anna this right to select people to represent us????? Does Anna give 100% guarantee that Jan Lokpal Bill will make India corruption free??? The answer is NO.

    just believe in govt that our people has elected to elections.. n no 1 is above the constitution....

  27. Anna wants PM to be questioned by Jan Lokpal Bill.. means giving court powers to the committee. Anna studied till 7th. How can we trust his judgement if Anna does nt trust our courts and constituions????

  28. Manmohan Singh is the architect of the Indian Economy. India what is today is because of Manmohan Singh.

    Politics is not a one man's play that has to be blamed on Manmohan Singh alone. Manmohan Singh is just the FACE of the government !

    by ABC

    Anna Hazare, is just a wannae be Gandhi, thats all I can see him. "We want anti-corruption" ... What kind of a demand is that? Do you expect people to come out on streets and say "I am corrupt so put me in."

    NO !

    Thats not the proper way to do things. The proper way to do things is to make suitable laws, procedures to fight corruption.

    These demands are just created to cause unrest in the country.

    Swamis and Babas, I dont know what they have to do with politics. They are suppose to be renounciates, practicing Yoga and Meditation.. why do these worldly causes attract them so much? I smell a lot of foul-play in this. For sure !

  29. Prashant, very relevant and impressively written arguments..

  30. couldnt agree with you more...its nothing but just a fad that ppl have got into..going on streets and liking groups on FB, with out even knowing whats the deal all bout just shows the ignorance of our ppl..and i totally agree when u say..protest dont bully..

  31. The pressurization of the executive is in great degree justifiable but the problem arises in the situation that the executive's nexus with the legislature by constitutional provision. Here Team Anna stands for a noble cause, does their portrayal as the representation of civil society strong enough to cut a large piece of the cake and is it legal obligation of the executive to implement the deleted clause the Jan Lokpal? No.However in a democratic setup, a political and moral conscience of the executive to the people is necessary and that's why Anna Hazzare is winning for now. Legally speaking it's blackmail, hence Team Anna will soon have play very smartly in order to keep the campaign legitimate.Even if Team Anna deny it, it is crusade against a corrupt government. To rid corruption in society is going require way more than a fast.

  32. Prashant, this is not a right way to explain such a situation. You have to think of batter india and this is the first step of revolution.

    If you are redirecting readers please stop writing. I am not agree with you.

    You need to visualise yourself.

  33. Good Analysis, there must be something behind this strike, if not, why L.K. Advani demands the resignation of the PM and wants fresh election. Behind this, there is a big political conspiracy. It is not so simple as it's look like.

  34. @Prashanth and whomever agrees his views and points:

    First of all i want to say you that I Dont agree your point "Anna Hazare’s hunger strike now looking like pure blackmail".

    If you are seeing this as a Blackmail,tell us one good option to stop currpution.If you are saying the "way to do things is to make suitable laws, procedures to fight corruption." Why it has not heppend in last 60 years ?.are you sure that Political leaders will bring such stronger laws into our system?.I think they are not fools.

    Regarding your point "3. If Anna Hazare is indeed a Gandhian .... ".
    Anna himself never claimed that he is a Gandhian ,its Media who called him new Gandhi.
    And if he is follwoing Gandhisim ,what is the worng in doing Bhook Harthal [A hunger strike is a method of non-violent resistance]? Even similar fasts undertaken by Gandhiji during India’s long march to independence last century as he doesnt have any other platfrom to protest.

    I support "Lokpal Bill",Not Anna Hazare..To make the Bill pass,yes ofcourse i should support Anna ..

  35. extreamly stupid and illogical collection of bundled and useless thoughts by Mr. prashant

    hv'nt u considered all scams and conspiracies during UPA(Sonia-manmohan Govt.)
    the forced lathicharge and dissmissal of baba RAMDEV'S protest
    non other Govt, in past did All that crap
    they don't want Bill to be passed then even a common man will be able to piss off them

    and the last thin people like BABA ramdev,ANNA hazare,Kiran Bedi,Arvind Kejriwal don need any kind of attention from media they already are much famous for their deeds

    O O o
    one more thin
    go for fast for 7++ (Reason- ask sonia to just wash ur trousers ) days then write a blog
    WE'll see how many people come on streets of whole india.

    amainzin childish comparison B/W A Hitler And THE GANDHI


  37. I don't know what the F*** are you up to but seriously you need to update your information about the whole thing and Gadaffi too. What do you want a corrupt nation and just look at the prices of basic things in India ....... or may be you are not an indian anymore????????

  38. I am in support of "JAN LOKPAL BILL" and every indian should!!!!!!!. In the early Mr.Anna's mission was in right track because his adopted way is Gandhian, not like Our Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi but now it's looks like political, that's why i must agree with Mr.Prashant's View and it's appreciated. Mr.Mahathma Gandhi is a Father of Nation, he was not behind of cheap publicity.

  39. Anna Hazare, is a shrewd Fraud , he is acutely aware that the local man in the street can be easily motivated , most politicians know that....for an old man after a "12 day fast" he seems suprisingly fit and healthy...must be the pure Delhi Air..!!! Indians will eventually see thru his guise for now, public hysteria against corruption which is woven into the very fabric of our lives will remain with us forever, unless we empower and educate the poor, the only way out is to bridge the gap between the HAVE's and the HAVE NOTS. India is still a country of vast contrast....inequality, caste system, racial prejudice, slave and child labour still exisits.
    Anna cannot change corrutpion, politicinas and their various bills cannot change corruption....only we can , you and me , when we choose not to pay, everytime it rears its ugly head. Pay the fine if required, wait in line, ask for a receipt, small steps will amke a difference.....the question is whether we are ready to do it???? If the answer is YES....we do not need any anna hazare or anyone else to lead us..!!!