Friday, February 4, 2011

Enough damage done....The BJP and the Media are wrecking India

I've been away from my blog for almost 5 days now. And it appears that too much damage has already been done by all sorts of agenda-led people. Its time we, the people of India, decide not to make the handling of the country's progress into a Hindi GEC.....and compel nuisance makers to back off.

It appears suddenly that nothing that had been said about the economic miracle called India was true. It appears that the only thing that stands out about India is its corruption. Apparently, the ruling government is full of scams. And if one were to watch the news telecasts, it appears that every political party except the Congress, is absolutely un-tainted and squeaky clean. 

This is so much rubbish. Let me first take the economy. Then the political farce that the BJP is thrusting on India.

There is so much going for India. We are emerging as one of the biggest manufacturing hubs in the world. And here's the good part. We are focusing on the high-quality part of manufacturing. Unlike China - which has been manufacturing everything from safety pins to dolls to cheap plastic doormats. India's manufacturing strengths are connected with its design and research skill-sets and are being seen in complex areas like automobiles, enginneering goods, pharmaceutics and precision tools. Then the proliferating services sector that continues to grow at a rapid pace. The entrepreneurial culture of Indians supported by the boom in the economy is leading to further growth in the services sector. Take this interesting example. Someone told me that there were about 3000 drivers who were engaged by a few private companies during the Christmas-New Year binging period in Bombay. There must have been a similar number in Delhi and other metros. Now that's innovative! And a lot of them will stay back for the routine Wed-Fri-Sat binging that happens every week in some cities. Further, thanks to good monsoons, the agriculture sector is doing well as well. Basically, we are on track to hitting a 9% GDP growth this year.

However, on the political side, its been a period of total mayhem. The BJP is following a dangerous agenda. Frankly they had no option. Frankly, the way the GDP was growing and the "aam aadmi" was clearly gaining economically, left the BJP really worried. The BJP itself had hardly any leadership left. Advani is way past his prime.....Jaitley is sophisticated but simply does not connect with the masses......Sushma Swaraj is just another cantankerous politician who is good in coining catchy slogans but is incapable otherwise. So when Nitin Gadkari took over the BJP.....he found his team just wasnt going to go anywhere. He brought in his rustic approach to politics. Gone was the little sophistication that existed within the BJP associated with Vajpayee, Advani and Jaitley. The rustics approach said: Rubbish everything the government of the day is doing. Astute politician that he is, Gadkari spotted the desperation in Indian media to gain audiences. And the need for drama in the lives of Indians. Facts be damned. Responsibility be damned. Media and BJP got together with one single goal. Oppose everything. Focus the cameras on those who were critical of the government. In the process, bring the country to a grinding halt. Make sure no decisions are taken. That's the only way they could get power. Such blatant abuse of the liberties guaranteed in our constitution. Such scant regard for the desires and wishes of the people.

Here's the real truth. Till the time Manmohan Singh heads the government, the BJP wont be able to hurt the Congress. Manmohan Singh has the trust of the people. He can do no wrong. Everyone knows he is squeaky clean. Everyone knows he understands economics. Everyone knows that its only during Congress regimes that the GDP grows at 8-9% per annum. In the 6 years that the BJP ruled, average GDP growth rate was 5% per annum. During the Congress growth rate after 2004, its been 8%. People dont like the drama of politics beyond the entertainment value it provides. People want the good life. People want to move up the economic ladder. They want to buy cars, go abroad, put their kids thru good education, buy houses and increase their savings. That's why the BJP wins in Gujarat all the time. That's why Nitish Kumar trounced the Congress and the RJD in Bihar. That's why so many CMs got a 2nd term in the last few years. This is the reality the BJP simply cannot reconcile itself to. That while the nation may tune in to TV channels to see the latest tamasha, they dont vote basis what they see or read. They vote basis what they experience in their own individual personal lives. Need more evidence? Everytime the Shivsena creates nuisance in Bombay, it creates sensational news.....the nation sits up and watches the channels and reads the papers.....but when is the last time that Shiv Sena rules Maharashtra???? They got only one term - From 1995 to 2000 I think. People read and watch, but they dont vote basis that.

The real worry for us should be the rising inflation. That's a real challenge. Food inflation is happening because of better distribution of the economic wealth. The NREGA for the first time is giving money in the hands of the poorest of the poor. These people have for the first time become consumers of food products. That's real progress. We should be proud of this fact. But not many people even know this. And media surely wont highlight this. This economic distribution is putting pressure on supply of vegetables and fruits from the rural hinterland to the urban areas. This happens in all economies really. As a country grows rapidly, it often find inadequacies in its supply lines.....production constraints.....leading to inflation. When more capacity is added, inflation is tamed. In agriculture, the problem has been one of stagnating farm productivity. We need another green revolution. There are several ideas there, but let me keep that for another post.

To summarize: The real truth is that the BJP and the Indian media harming India. They know it. They are creating a feeling of gloom amongst the people. They are pointing fingers at the government; not realizing that there are 4 other fingers pointing back at them. They are making the big mistake of thinking that the people of India are stupid. That they will vote for them. The people will teach them a lesson. But until that happens, India remains vulnerable. And the damage will continue.....

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  1. Hi Prashant.. the food inflation is good for the farmers (and the poor)at least.. e.g. In 2010, the cotton price is 1100 per 20KG, Onion price is 800-1000 per 20KG. increased their income by 100-120% in last 5 years.. the farmers are getting benefitted directly since 2004 .. Most of farmers believe Pawar is god for them.. first time since 1947, the farmers are also earning.. I saw them spending on LCD TVs, Cars, Hi-tech Agri equipment.. paying good amount to labours.. Basically this is a good sign of economy.. but we still need the effective distribution system.