Thursday, December 30, 2010

Why the BJP wont allow Parliament to function

It may sound strange but the real truth behind why the BJP wont allow the government to function is that the Congress led UPA was actually ruling quite well. It was on a roller coaster. This was disastrous for the BJP's hopes to return to power at the center.

Its been proved conclusively over the last several state elections that people vote performing governments back to power for their 2nd and even 3rd spells. The BJP has gained in many of these states.....most recently in Bihar. If this is true, then it had to make sure that the UPA government appears to be failing. The BJP's earlier strategy of Hindutva had conclusively failed anyways.....they needed despearately to stop the Congress's performance.

By any yardstick, the UPA government was rolling along just fine. Its focus on growth and the Aam Aadmi was proving to be a terrific combination for removing millions out of poverty. The support that India got recently from the P5 nations rattled the BJP. If progress continued at this pace, India's GDP would most likely go ahead of the UK and France in the next 5-6 years. India would become the 3rd largest GDP (or maybe the 4th after US, China, Japan and Germany) very soon. Already, with the Nuclear Power deal done, the government was pushing power generation using nuclear technology. That, along with the number of UMPPs (Ultra Mega Power Plants - 4000 MW super structures) that the government had already launched would make India sufficient in power. This would further fuel industrial growth. With Kamal Nath set to spend Rs 1 lac crore for road works by March was looking like the Congress would be voted back to power on its own. (Actually, this has rattled even the Congress's allies.....hence some of them have been secretly plotting against the Congress). All of this shocked the BJP. Never before had the country seen 9% growth over such a long period of time.....never before had we been so close to growing at 12% per annum.

And hence the BJP has got into overdrive. In connivance with the media (which itself was seeking sensational stories to perk up its TRPs), it has un-earthed one story of corruption after another. If their attack got blunted with the sacking of Ashok Chavan and Raja.....they had to figure out other ways of pushing the government back. Hence the blockage of Parliament. Hence the incessant demand for a JPC. Right now, the most nightmarish situation for the BJP would be if the government actually conceded the demand for a JPC.

This piece is not written in favor of the Congress or against the BJP. its just a piece that unveils the real truth. As such, it's a threat faced by all performing states and parties. The Congress is equally capable of behaving like this in BJP ruled and well-performing states. So my argument here really is apolitical.

But the real truth remains: The BJP at the center was petrified with the UPA's work and stepped in to stop it. It hardly matters that the country will suffer now for many months.

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